Located in St. Louis (Clayton), Missouri, we provide ardent legal representation on a range of class action and domestic litigation matters affecting individuals of every socioeconomic background.  We maintain an uncompromisingly high ethical standard in pursuit of winning cases, and strive to maintain a lifetime partnership with all of our clients.  The Smith Law Firm was founded in 2006 and is entirely owned and managed by attorney Neil Smith.  Neil is a second generation attorney, who spent time in law offices and courthouses from the time first learned to walk. He has won favorable outcomes for our clients in more than sixty different counties in the State of Missouri, various federal courts, and forums as far ranging as what is now known as the World Intellectual Property Organization Center.  


We represent two types of clients - those seeking to pursue a class action, and those people dealing with a difficult family law matter.

Class action cases that we handle involve spam text messages or robocalls, securities law violations, labor and employment, product liability, consumer fraud or false advertising, antitrust, environmental, unfair debt collection, civil rights, credit card receipt disclosures, data privacy violations, and the unauthorized practice of law. We take these cases on a contingent fee basis, meaning that we only earn a fee if we obtain a favorable result.

Family law matters that we frequently handle involve both contented and non-contested dissolution of marriage (“divorce”), legal separations, child support, child custody, motions to modify, maintenance (“alimony”), orders of protection, temporary restraining orders, property divisions, qualified domestic relations orders, and collection of unpaid child support and maintenance. We provide representation on either a flat fee, or hourly fee, depending on the circumstances and your preference.

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