Labor and Employment Class Actions

The typical labor or employment class action challenges a companies practices relating to a group of employees, usually involving the underpayment of wages, non-payment of overtime compensation, or discriminatory practices against a certain class of people.  Many of these cases allege that the employer violated the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

Who Can Bring an Employment or Labor Class Action?

Any individual employee or former employee can bring the suit against the employer.  In order to maintain the suit, that individual needs to prove that he or she was an employee at the time of an alleged wrong, and that the individual suffered harm that was similar to harm suffered by other employees.  While class certification standards differ depending on whether the case is brought under state or federal (FLSA) law, one individual may in most cases act on behalf of a large group.

Recent Examples

  • Migrant workers in filed a federal class action claiming that Monsanto did not pay them as promised, and required them to live in unsafe, substandard and overcrowded housing after persuading them to go to Indiana to work in cornfields.

  • Employees in California filed a class action alleging that Apple American Group, which runs 49 Applebee's restaurants requires its workers to buy football jersey uniforms out of their own pockets.

  • A class action in Los Angeles Superior Court alleged that Big Lots cheated its employees out of overtime pay.

More Information

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