Construction Law

We file class action lawsuits when suppliers, manufacturers, builders or contractors engage in wrongful conduct affecting large groups of people.  These cases can arise in new home construction or a variety of other situations.  In many instances, the wrongful or negligent conduct only impairs the value of the building.  In more extreme circumstances, the victims will become injured as a result of the wrongful conduct.

Recent Examples

  • A class action in O'ahu (Hawaii) Circuit Court brought by homeowners on the island claims the makers of hurricane straps did not adequately secure their houses during a hurricane.

  • Homebuyers in Clark County Court (Las Vegas) brought a class action against homebuilders alleging that the homebuilders built defective houses.

  • Thousands of New Orleans residents brought a class action lawsuit against Chinese drywall manufacturers alleging that the drywall contained unreasonably high levels of sulfur and other toxic and corrosive components.

More Information

If you have a question relating to a possible or pending construction law case, please send a direct message or call our office at (314) 725-4400.  For more information on some of our recent cases, please visit our news page.  We also have an FAQ relating to personal injury, class action, and other issues.