Civil Rights Class Actions

Civil rights cases arise when a company or other individual or group seeks to discriminate against a particular class of people.  Discrimination can arise with relation to age, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or any other protected class.  The class action seeks to address a pattern or practice (rather than an isolated incident) of discrimination.

The Law

Civil rights cases almost always allege that the defendant or defendants engaged in a pattern or practice that violated the constitutional rights of the victims.  Some of these cases are based on Title VII, which allows the recovery of compensatory damages and punitive damages.

Examples of Civil Rights Class Actions

  • Job applicants allege that a municipality has a reputation for not hiring African Americans, and violates its own nepotism policy.

  • Prospective tenants allege that a landlord and property owner refuse to rent to tenants who have children.

  • Potential borrowers allege that financing company routinely charges higher interest rates and fees to minorities.

More Information

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