Settlement Reached in Green Tree Composites Monarch Decking Class Action

The Smith Law Firm is pleased to announce that on September 13, 2016, United States District Court Judge Ronnie L. White entered an order granting preliminary approval to a class action settlement in Stolzenburg v. Green Tree Composites, L.L.C., 4:14-cv-1533.  Defendant Green Tree agreed to pay the sum of $470,000.00, which includes all attorney fees, litigation costs, incentive award to class representative and claims administration expenses.  The amount distributed to class members will be distributed among all class members submitting claims.  None of the funds will revert to any defendant.  All defendants continue to deny liability, but Green Tree entered into this settlement agreement after extensive settlement negotiation and two years of extensive litigation.  A full copy of the order can be found here.  The claims administrator will publish a website for claims administration here.  If you qualify as a class member and wish to become part of this settlement the deadline for submitting a claim form and all necessary documentation is December 22, 2016.  Earlier deadlines apply if you wish to object or exclude yourself.  Please contact the claims administrator directly at 1-888-627-6030 if you have specific questions about whether you qualify.