California class action alleges Blue Shield misrepresents amount of coverage

A California class action filed by the Stuart Law Firm in California alleges that Blue Shield of California Life and Health Insurance Company obscures the level of coverage on its "Vital Shield" health insurance polices.  

According to the allegations in the complaint, Blue Shield includes an obscure provision in a footnote of its policies referencing a second tier hidden deductible.  This second deductible serves to increase the overall deductible beyond what the customer expects from reading sales brochures, internet advertisements, and other marketing materials.  For example, under one policy which Blue Shield advertises as having a $2,900 annual deductible, a customer must actually pay $5,900 out of pocket before he or she receives any coverage for procedures such as x-rays, diagnostic examinations, laboratory services, CT scans, MRIs, and doctor visits.  

Named plaintiffs Arthur Bodner and Michael Felker seek to represent a class of individuals consisting of all California residents who are or have been enrolled in an individual Blue Sheild Vital Shield policy.