Class action alleges Conde Nast violated labor laws by paying interns less than minimum wage

Lauren Ballinger, represented by Adam Klein of Outten & Golden, filed a class action lawsuit alleging that Conde Nast publications violated the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) by failing to pay interns the minimum age.  Ballinger, a former intern at The New Yorker, alleges that those with internships were paid approximately one dollar per hour for work including reviewing magazine submissions, responding to reader emails, proofreading, line editing, and relaying pieces between magazine writers.  

The complaint cites Walling v. Portland Terminal Co., a U.S. Supreme Court case from 1947, for the proposition that companies may pay interns less than the federally-mandate minimum wage if the interns are employed for a short training period and their work does not provided an "immediate advantage" to the employer. 

In light of recent appellate court decisions, many experts expect the number of internship class actions to surge.  If you worked as an intern without receiving the federally-mandated minimum wage, please don't hesitate to contact our office.