Texas class action alleges Match.com is a scam and 90% of its profiles are of non-subscribers, fictional or duplicative

A former Match.com subscriber filed a class action lawsuit against Match.com in federal Court in Texas.  Plaintiff Jesse Kaposi subscribed to the site in 2004 and again in 2009, spending countless hours editing his profile and profile pictures.  Kaposi alleges that over 90% of the website's profiles are either profiles of cancelled subscribers, people who never subscribed at all, duplicate profiles, or fictional composite characters created by Match.com or one of its subcontractors.  According to the company's 2008 10-K annual report, Match.com advertises that it has 15 million "Members."  However, nowhere does it disclose the fact that only 1.4 million of its "Members" are actually "Subscribers."  In other words, fewer than 10% of their members can actually be reached by other members.  As evidence of the existence of bogus, duplicative profiles, Kaposi alleges, for example, that at one point in time, the phrase, "[M]y favorite chocolate is TWIX and I once ate twenty packs in one night," was stated verbatim in the following profiles that were live on Match.com at the same time: BabeeGrlShelli, PowerfulDaisya, GoodGrlKelliy, IWunUSoBad, ArtistikJannaovq, BeautifulAbigat, DiscoverMargef and KreepNLydian.  For more information see Jesse Kaposi v. Match.com, LLC, 3:11-cv-01913-B (U.S. Dist. Ct., N.D. Tex.)