Florida landscaper electrocuted by public utility line files injury lawsuit against utility company

Landscaper Dwane Torres filed a lawsuit last week in Floria (Miami-Dade County) against Florida Power & Light Company.  Torres alleges that he was standing on a fiberglass ladder in a homeowner's backyard, and attempting to trim vegetation with a saw-type device attached to an extension pole, when the gruesome injury occurred.  While he was sawing the vegetation, either a palm frond or his saw became energized by the power lines.  The electrical energy from the power line entered his head and brain "blowing out the left side of his face and left eye."  The surge also "blew a hole through [his] upper torso, and exited through a 'blow-out' hole in his arm."  The suit alleges that the power company was negligent in failing to either remove vegetation, bury the power lines, or employ insulated "tree-wire" or other shielded lines.  Despite numerous complaints from customers and homeowners, the utility company allegedly failed for more than five years to trim vegetation away from the power lines.  Attorney David B. Mishael represents Torres.  For more information, see Dwane Torres vs. Florida Power & Light Company, 11th Dist. Circ. Ct., (Miami-Dade), 11-19594CA08.