Canadian man sues maker of Bio-Alcamid gel, claiming disfigurement

A Canadian man filed a class action lawsuit against the maker of Bio-Alcamid, a gel designed to prevent facial-wasting in HIV patients.  HIV patients often suffer from a loss of fat in the face, or lipoatrophy, which is caused by the antiretroviral drugs.  The plaintiff, Victor Chapdelaine, alleges that the defendants downplayed the risks associated with the drug and failed to conduct adequate research.  As a result of his use of the gel, Chapdelaine contends that he was permanently disfigured and required a facelift.  He is represented by Bruce W. Lemer with Grant Kovacs Norell.  For more information, please see Victor Chapdelaine v. Pur Medical Corporation, et al., S:112151, Supreme Court of British Columbia (Vancouver Registry).