Five women file two sexual harassment suits against American Apparel and CEO Dov Charney

Since American Apparel CEO Dov Charney publicly acknowledges having sex with his employees, the only surprising aspect of this news is that it took so long for a female employee to sue him and the company.  The suits allege that American Apparel requires that these employees all sign confidentiality agreements, sign invalid arbitration agreements, and do business at Charney's house.  Basically, the entire operation and Charney's life was lawsuit waiting to happen.  

According to Courthouse News Service, five former American employees filed two sexual harassment suits against Charney and American in the past month.  The New York suit alleges that Charney approached a 17 year-old store employee and advised her that she would have to engage in sex acts with him when she turned 18.  Upon turning 18, she was subjected to a barrage of phone calls, text messages, and various demands, including forced sex in his New York apartment.  

The Los Angeles suit alleges that he offered to hire the lead plaintiff as a photographer and model, and advised her to come to his house to discuss the job.  When she arrived, he was outfitted in only a towel, and forced her to have sex with him.  Immediately after she left, the woman's mother called Charney and advised him never to contact her daughter again.  According to the suit, Charney then begged for forgiveness and advised that he had "a problem."