Suit filed in Stone County, MO, alleges that Branson concert promoter owes Nelly for performing concert

According to an StLToday article, Nelly entered into a verbal contract to perform a concert on a Branson parking lot.  The parties agreed that Nelly's company would receive the sum of $75,000.  Later, and before the concert, an indoor venue became available, and the parties agreed to move the concert to said venue.  The promoter paid Nelly's associates some of the money (either $37,500 or $40,500) and contends that the parties agreed to verbally modify the contract so that Nelly would receive only $40,500.  Nelly's suit contends that no such modification took place, and the promoter still owes another $37,500.  According to Missouri, Tim Ahrenhoersterbaeumer of Chesterfield represents Nelly's company.  We're not sure yet whether Ahrenhoersterbaeumer is seeking statutory damages for the bad check, and/or relying on an equitable theory as opposed to a contract theory.  The case is Flush Touring LLC v. Paul M Dunn, 10SN-CC00124.