Hot Coffee, a documentary about the McDonalds hot coffee case, premiers at Sundance

Hot Coffee (a documentary film about the McDonalds hot coffee case) premiered at Sundance last week.  According to the film's website the show sold out and "everyone in line was buzzing".  See here for a link to the movie's website including photos of the screening.  Stella Liebeck, the plaintiff, suffered severe third-degree burns and required years of expensive medical treatment.  The film addresses the enduring iconic status of the case as well of the aftermath, legislative, popular and otherwise.  An excellent article previously appeared in The American Lawyer, but you need a password to view the article online.  (See  "One Lump or Two? Infamous coffee-burn case — which inspired both caricature and quiet reform — about to get a 10th-anniversary rerun."The American Lawyer. ALM Media, Inc. Retrieved 2008-05-13.)