Baltimore wrongful death suit alleges music store employees negligently locked man in store where he died from explosion

On February 7, 2011, a personal representative of the estate of George Armijo, along with beneficiaries, filed suit in the Circuit Court of Baltimore City, Maryland, against Ernest Music, Inc., and others.  The plaintiffs allege that on February 9, 2008, George Armijo visited Ernest Music to "purchase some video entertainment or other forms of music for his personal enjoyment."

While he was shopping, employees of the store closed and locked the store, trapping Armijo inside the store overnight.  According to the suit, Ernest Music employees had noticed a gas leak weeks earlier, but failed to take any action.  In addition, the store previously installed iron grates on all windows to prevent theft, which prevented Armijo from escaping.  Sometime during the night or early morning hours the gas leak ignited, causing an explosion and fire at the music store.  Armijo was unable to escape and unable to call for help (because no phone was installed at the store).  

Selig Solomon, Esq., of Baltimore represents the plaintiffs.  They are seeking $2 million plus interest and costs.  For more information, please see Armijo, et al. v. Baltimore Gas and Electric Co., et al.