The Smith Law Firm, LLC, announces that it won a $750,000 summary judgment in Franklin County, Missouri

The Smith Law Firm, LLC, announces that it obtained a summary judgment in the amount of $750,000.00, plus interest and costs.  We represented plaintiff Richard Blackwell in the intentional tort (assault and battery) suit in Franklin County, Missouri.  The petition alleged that another individual, William Wehmeyer, attacked Blackwell with a flashlight, causing serious injury to Blackwell's head and mouth.  During the course of litigation, Wehmeyer encumbered parcels of real estate with a deed of trust in favor of his mother and stepfather.  We amended our petition to (a) add those individuals as defendants, and (b) set aside the transfers as a fraudulent conveyance.  In addition to the large monetary award, the judgment provides declaratory relief setting aside as void the deed of trust.  See Richard Blackwell v. William Wehmeyer, et al., 08AB-CC00248.