The Smith Law Firm has launched an investigation into the deceptive marketing of chemotherapy drug Taxotere by New Jersey based drugmaker Sanofi Aventis.  We believe that Sanofi hid data suggesting that Taxotere caused permanent baldness in order to increase market share over equally effective competing chemotherapy drugs.  Women treated with Taxotere and suffering from permanent baldness are encouraged to call our offices at (314) 725-4400 or complete the following free case evaluation


Not only are consultations free, but clients will never have to pay attorney fees.  If we win your case, we keep a percentage of the recovery.  If there is no recovery, there is no fee.  If you or a loved one has suffered from permanent hair loss following breast cancer treatment, please take a minute to tell us about your experience.  We'll get back to you within 24 hours.

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On September 27, 2010, the Honorable Gregory Sleet of the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware ruled that Sanofi’s patents were invalid as a result of Sanofi’s inequitable patent.  And on November 24, 2015, the FDA finally issued a label change requiring the makers of Taxotere to warn of the risk of permanent and irreversible alopecia to package labels and package inserts.  However, between that time period, Sanofi reaped billions of dollars in revenue to the extent that, at one point, 75% of all women diagnosed with breast cancer in the United States were prescribed Taxotere.  These women either assumed that Taxotere did not cause permanent baldness or assumed that it was worth the risk.  In reality, studies have shown that other drugs would have been just as effective for women with Stages 1 and 2 breast cancer.

Taxotere effectively treats cancer but also causes permanent and irreversible baldness (alopecia) in 6.3% of its users. 


Permanent hair loss could have been avoided.  A woman with Stage 1 or Stage 2 breast cancer has an extremely high expectancy of survival as that form of cancer is highly treatable.  Taxotere will almost always eliminate the cancer.  But other available alternatives are equally effective and less likely to cause permanent hair loss.  New information suggests that Sanofi Aventis knew of the risks of permanent baldness, but may have hidden the results to gain a competitive advantage over the competing drugs.

For detailed prescribing information relating to Taxotere, please click here for complete information provided by Sanofi Aventis as of May 4, 2016.

When given a choice between two chemotherapy drugs that are equally effective at treating breast cancer, and equal in all other respects, almost all women would choose the one that does not carry a risk of permanent baldness.  If you or a family member suffered from permanent alopecia we would love to speak with you.  Please call us at (314) 725-4400 or send us an email.