Premises Liability 

Premises liability (also commonly referred to as "slip and fall") cases have received comedic treatment in popular culture.  One prominent insurance defense attorney even goes so far to refer to these cases as "trip and dive" cases, referencing the perception that the accidents are often staged and injuries faked.

The reality is that businesses and homeowners owe a duty to their customers and guests to maintain their premises in a relatively safe manner.  This does not mean that a grocery store is required to keep its floor completely clean 100% of the time.  It does mean that if any business knows of a dangerous condition, it is required to take some action to either fix the problem or warn its customers of the danger.

What Should You do if You Are Injured?

If you are injured on the premises of a business or residence, you should immediately seek medical treatment.  You or someone on your behalf should also try to snap a few photographs of the location where you were injured.  When demanding a settlement from an insurance company, or presenting your case to a jury, these photos can prove invaluable.  In any event, you should also contact our office as soon as possible after your accident.  If you contact us within a reasonable amount of time we may be able to subpoena video surveillance from the business.  

More Information

If you have a question relating to a possible or pending premises liability case, please send a direct message or call our office at (314) 725-4400.  For more information on some of our recent cases, please visit our news page.  We also have an FAQ relating to personal injury, class action, and other issues.