By signing this form you are agreeing to hire The Smith Law Firm, LLC, to represent you in your personal injury case.  You agree that the law firm will receive as its fee one-third (1/3) of the total recovery.

Additionally, your attorney shall have the right to deduct from your portion of the recovery any out-of-pocket costs, including deposition costs, expert fees, and any other cost consented to by you verbally or in writing.  However, your attorney will consult with you prior to incurring any significant costs.  Your attorney will not charge you for in-house copies, travel expenses, etc.  The costs referred to in this paragraph only refer to money that your attorney has paid to another person or entity.

Under no circumstance will you ever be required to pay your attorney anything out of your own pocket.  In the event that there is no recovery, or the case proceeds to trial and results in a defense verdict, you will owe your attorney nothing. 

You agree to communicate with your attorney regarding all aspects of your case and anything that could impact the case.  You agree to keep your attorney updated on any changes in your whereabouts, including home address and telephone number.

By entering your name and date below, you are agreeing to these terms and stating that you understand all of the terms set forth on this page.