Boating Accidents

Boating accident cases are rare in comparison to automobile accident cases, but can result in extremely serious injuries.  Typically, these accidents are caused by inattention, alcohol usage, or general negligence of the operator of the watercraft.  

Types of Cases

The most common boating accident case arises when the boat collides with an inanimate object or other boat.  In many instances, improper beach design can cause an accident.  In other instances, some aspect of the watercraft malfunctions, causing drowing, gas inhalation, fire, etc.  And in many instances, the person steering or piloting a boat may cause the drowning of a passenger or person riding a tube or water skis.


When handling  your boating accident case, we first seek to determine whether an insurance coverage will cover the your injuries.  We can usually give you an estimation of the insurance coverage during the early stages of your case.  We will gather all medical records, accident reports, witness statements, and other physical evidence.  In addition, when necessary, we will hire outside experts to reconstruct an accident.

More Information

If you have a question relating to a possible or pending boating accident case, please send a direct message or call our office at (314) 725-4400.  For more information on some of our recent cases, please visit our news page.  We also have an FAQ relating to personal injury, class action, and other issues.