Which is faster - initiating a spam text message class action under the TCPA or eating a burrito?

Let's compare...

In order eat a burrito, the following will usually occur: (1) acquisition of burrito - 5 minutes, (2) heating of burrito, applying hot sauce, unwrapping burrito - 2 minutes, (3) eating of burrito - 4 bites per minute on average at 24 bites needed to complete burrito - 6 minutes.  Total Time: 13 minutes.   

If you receive a spam text message, you only need to forward the message to (314) 974-3266 in order for us to review.  This may take 10 seconds.  After that we'll have a brief discussion where you authorize us to proceed on your behalf.  Total Time: 10 minutes.

Conclusion: Eating a burrito will satisfy your human need for energy.  Forwarding your spam text messages to us may result in payments to you of $1,500 per message under the Telephone Consumer Protection.  Initiating the class action is faster.  Best advise: do both simultaneously.