Missouri man sues Scotts, alleging live copperhead snake in bag of potting soil bit his finger

A Missouri man filed a lawsuit in federal court alleging that a live copperhead snake bit him on the hand when he scooped soil out of a bag of Earthgro Potting Soil.  The suit alleges that the man bought the potting soil from Wal-Mart in House Springs, Missouri.  Although the snake bit the man on his index finger, causing the finger to immediately begin bleeding, he also experienced burning and swelling of his elbow.  The lawsuit alleges that he continues to suffer pain and discomfort nearly one year after the incident.  He also claims that his medical bills associated with the bite exceed $90,000.  The Scotts Company, L.L.C., manufacturers the potting soil.  Jason Charpentier and Gary Growe, of Growe Eisen Karlen, represent the plaintiff.  For more information, see Steven McGregor v. The Scotts Company, L.L.C.